Custom Equipment Requests

Although we represent a number of manufacturers and products on our online platform. AirDaddy Inc strives in the custom equipment and solution space, whether it's finding a way to implement explosion proof equipment into the workspace safely, or getting the correct chemical filtration system made for the right problem AirDaddy comes prepared.

With a network of consultants and engineers, we carefully take the time to plan out for a number of different industries and problems. Our services areas include:

  • Explosion-proof equipment for flammable liquids and combustible dust and vaious gases (OSHA, NFPA certified)
  • Fume hoods (custom sizing, and airflow for pharmaceutical and laboratory testing)
  • Hazardous chemical extraction to recommend equipment based on room size and time requirements.
  • Filtration analysis based on the specific chemical breakdown.
  • Monitoring equipment for precise and consistent safety readings.

Our team can take you to the next level and give you access to our network of qualified personnel that will get your business pointed in the right direction safely.

For all inquiries on custom units please send all inquiries to:
Director of Operations

(Please note that Custom units are non refundable and cannot be returned nor does AirDaddy guarantee any solution will achieve the wanted results without unit balancing and application testing. Furthermore, AirDaddy Inc does not accept any liability for any accidents or units not reaching the desired absorption or control. Clients are advised to follow Sales Rep and Engineers recommendations and AirDaddy does not take responsibility should the client not do so. All custom units must be paid for prior to work being done to secure parts, labor, engineering and design fees.)

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