MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), is a debilitating condition that can sometimes make life unbearable and stop life to a screaming halt. Air Daddy knows it takes patience and a certain level of empathy to guide those with MCS to the right units for there need.

Cases can vary from the extreme to the mild, so picking a unit that can make your life easier is essential.

  According to Chemical Sensitivity. American Academy of Environmental Medicine Position Paper. Oct 29, 2008. 

  • Many chemicals have been reported to trigger MCS symptoms. Substances with strong scents are the most commonly reported triggers. These include a variety of cleaning agents, pesticides, perfumes, vehicle exhaust, the products used in barber shops and beauty salons, new carpeting, new furniture, chlorine and fluoride in drinking water, fresh ink, and less commonly wood smoke and secondhand tobacco smoke


**For mild cases we recommend Austin Air. However AirDaddy is a strong believer in doing this right, and we would suggest taking a carbon test kit to determine which carbon blend works the best for you. Call us today (1-800-377-7390)and we can assist you in getting you what you need!

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