EBAC-RM85- 10560RG-US- 70 Pints
EBAC-RM85- 10560RG-US- 70 Pints
EBAC-RM85- 10560RG-US- 70 Pints

EBAC-RM85- 10560RG-US- 70 Pints


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Following a flood, whether it is in your basement or office, it’s vitally important to restore the damaged area to good order as soon as possible to protect your health from microorganisms, mold and bacteria that may grow and ultimately prevent further damage. Whether it is a flash flood, heavy rains or water main break, Ebac dehumidifiers are among st the top of the line for any serious restoration job.

EIPL Rotamolded Range

The RM85 Dehumidifier is another addition to the EIPL range of Rotational Molded Polyethylene Housings. This super durable housing, and EIPL’s years of experience with refrigeration systems, ensures the product not only looks the part, but is also capable of outperforming competitors models of similar capacities. The RM85 is also available in Dual Voltage making the unit ideal for the hire trade. The robust ridged handle and large diameter durable wheels ensures transport and maneuverability are not compromised. It’s lightweight yet robust design is ideal for commercial and residential work. Its compact size permits one-man operation, yet it has the capacity to handle several room-size areas at a time. Best of all, it’s affordably priced within the budget of most restoration specialists. The RM85 housing also incorporates a facility to safely stack units, thereby significantly reducing storage and transportation costs

Save Time And Money

No more worries of forgetting to empty buckets, due to customer demands the RM range of products incorporate high capacity condensate pumps. The 3m maximum pump height will ensure no installation is too difficult. Install, connect to a permanent drain, and forget until the job is complete. With the aid of a purge facility, all residual water can be drained from the pump tank prior to moving the machine therefore eliminating the chances of spillage.

Low Temperature Operation

The RM85 is equipped with a “Hot Gas” defrost system, ensuring a quick and efficient clearing of ice from the coil, allowing a minimum operating temperature of 3°C.

Attention To Detail

Sometimes the less expensive features are overlooked. The RM85 is supplied complete with cable and hose tidies, Not only will this reduce the possibility of damage when the units are transported, but also provides easy installation when positioning the equipment.

Proven Performance

The EIPL RM85 Professional Dehumidifier is a rugged, yet mobile piece of equipment that will operate under extreme conditions and pull large amounts of moisture from the air. Whenever there is a need for fast dependable, energy efficient drying, EIPL can provide the answer. The high efficiency Rotary compressor ensures the maximum extraction with the lowest running costs.

This unit comes in 2 different models:

  • RM85- Standard version exactly as listed on the product specs.
  • RM85-H - Features a  digital humidistat for precise humidity control and monitoring.


Product specifications 

Part Number Part Number
  10560RG-US 10560RH-US
  RM85 RM85H
Height (inch) 37.0 37.0
Width (inch) 21.5 21.5
Depth (inch) 19.0 19.0
Weight(lbs) 99.0 99.0
Voltage 115 115
Phase 1 1
Frequency(Hz) 60 60
Power(kW) 0.68 0.68
Current(A) 6 6
Airflow(cfm) 330 330
Noise Level(dba) 52 52
Refrigerant Type R407c R407c
Effective Volume(ft3) 8.369 8.369
Typical Extraction(ppd) 70 70
Min Operating Temp (°F) 37 37
Max OperatingTemp (°F) 90 90


Product Features 

Part Number Part Number
  10560RG-US 10560RH-US
  RM85 RM85
On/Off Switch Y Y
Electronic Humidity Control N Y
Hours Run Meter Y Y
Pump Purge Switch Y Y
Hot Gas Defrost Y Y
Electronic Defrost Timer Y Y
Temperature Sensative Defrost Y Y
Washable Air Filter Y Y
Compressor Type Rotary Rotary
Fitted Mains Plug Y Y
Large Diameter Wheels Y Y
Integral Condensate Pump Y Y
Washable Air Filter Y Y
Rotational Moulded Body Y Y
Ductable Y Y
Ridged Handle Y Y
Stackable Y Y
Moulded Lifting Handles Y Y


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