Diversitech’s Retractable Booths offer you unprecedented versatility for industrial fume, smoke and dust collection. This engineered solution is custom-built to your specifications and, unlike metal booths, will retract to 20% of its extended length, saving valuable time and space.

Heavy and oversized work pieces can also be maneuvered into position more easily than ever before by simply retracting the booth allowing unobstructed access for a forklift or overhead crane. The Retractable Booth folds away when you don’t need it, and it can be easily repositioned and transported – even outdoors.

When used in combination with Diversitech’s Airhawk Cartridge Dust Collectors, Typhoon WX Wet Dust Collectors or Airhawk Environmental Booth Modules (EBM), a strong cross-draft velocity is created that will effectively pull hazardous dust and fumes away from the operator and into the filtration system, ensuring clean breathable air at all times.

All structural components are aluminum and/or galvanized, ensuring the structure is corrosion-resistant, while the fire-retardant PVC shell is available in both clear and white fabric.


  • Custom-sized to your specifications
  • Translucent, fire-retardant shell (NFPA 701) allows exterior lighting to shine in
  • Retracts to a fraction of its extended length
  • Rear wall is custom fitted to the filtration system of your choice


  • Welding smoke and fumes
  • Sanding and wood dust
  • Metallic dust from grinding
  • Painting overspray & fumes


  • Explosion-proof LED Lighting
  • Open end, or clear-span door, with or without filter
  • Clear, white or high-temperature fabric


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